Does it ever get easier? Am I too sensitive? Will I ever be able to talk about Trevor with out crying?

Maybe not, but that is how God made me and he choose me to be Trevor’s mom. So tears and all…here I am.

CHD week is hard for me, I reminisce about everything we’ve been through, I remember those children we, the heart community, have lost. I relive those moments that no mother should ever have to go through.

CHD I HATE YOU! There I said it. I needed to be said.

In honor of CHD week this post is dedicated to EVERY.SINGLE.HEART.HERO and their families, it’s so difficult to be a Heart Mom or Dad or Sibling or Grandparent or Aunt or Uncle or Friend. Each of us is affected and have the responsibility to spread awareness. Go now…educate someone and let them be part of the change in the CHD community.
I am a
Heart Hugs <3heart_mom

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