Trevor saw Dr. Shaffer today and we did the usual, pressures, EKG, ECHO and we are still watching his aortic arch. Trevor’s conduit, stent and valves are doing well and nothing has changed since his last echo last summer! YAY! His arch, however is still an issue, it’s very dilated and he needs an MRI to get a better look so we can continue to monitor it.

Ideally his arch will hold out until his next conduit replacement but since he has such a large one (19mm) we are expecting to get several more years out of it. If the arch needs repair before that, it’s an added surgery and if the conduit needs replacing in the near future then it has not lasted as long as expected which is also bad news. I am very unsettled and anxious about were we are. I will say you never want your cardiologist to say “that arch scares me” 🙁

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