admin on July 6th, 2012

In February Trevor was having some severe chest pain and after a couple different appointments and an ER visit a cat scan was ordered. Everything showed “no reason” for the pain and actually showed Trevor’s heart was doing just fine. We treated the symtoms and it eventually went away.

In May Trevor had his 5 year well visit and he had grown nearly 1.5 inches since October! Voila! growing that much with scar tissue in the chest wall =pain! We are so glad to have worked that out.

We just had a cardiology appt with Dr. Shaffer and Trevor is still doing very well and we decided not to do a heart cath right now since his blood flow in the LPA is only slightly restricted and we would likely cath next summer. YAY! I will admit I was concerned about having “new” doctors doing procedures on him. It’s inevitable but at least it’s been pushed back 😉

We are enjoying out summer, hope you are too!


Heart Hugs,


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admin on June 7th, 2012

Now that we are in Texas we are joining the Central Texas heart walk and can’t wait to walk on Saturday with out miracle and everyone in the Austin area.

We are gratefully taking donations for Team: Trevor’s Allstars if you are able to make a tax deductible donation go here:

Thank you for all of your prayers, support and love over the years! We are making a difference 🙂

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admin on March 7th, 2012

Yesterday was a big day for Trevor (and Mommy). Trevor is signed up for kindergarten! Sure he wont start until August 😉 but I was overwhelmed with emotion that I didn’t know I would have. Sure sending your first to school is hard, but sending your last baby to school is super hard. I could not help but feel so blessed and down right lucky that  my “heart kid” is almost 5 years old, signed up for school, writing his name, swimming, trying to ride his bike and being a “normal” kid.

When Trevor was diagnosed with Truncus Arteriosus May 31, 2007 I was not sure he’d live through his first surgery and now he is a happy, sassy, funny, loving and most of all brave lil guy going to kinder! Thank you God for Trevor’s precious life <3

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admin on February 14th, 2012

Here we are at the end of CHD Awareness Week and though I don’t feel like I did as much as I “usually” do to spread awareness, I had my own precious heart hero to tend to. Trevor has been having chest pain for a while on and off, but it seems to be getting worse. So since he was really complaining and upset we took him to the ER at Dell Children’s on Sunday. Everything checked out ok and we went home. We got to see snow when we left the hospital. The boys LOVED that. On Monday Dr. Shaffer,  his cardiologist, wanted to see Trevor so we re-did the EKG, Echo and he talked with Trevor for quite a while about his pain. He was a champ! He did such a good job answering all the questions 🙂 Dr. S decided we should to a cat scan, to get a look at everything much closer and clearer than the echo. Trevor was amazing! He was scared but was SO brave. The staff at DCMC have been wonderful. Good news is that there is nothing urgent or suspicious with Trevor’s heart, THANK YOU GOD!  However, he will need his stent ballooned open this summer. Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming. I hate to see my baby in pain. :*(

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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admin on February 7th, 2012

This is not a new video, but powerful all the same. Please watch and pass along.  Together we can spread awareness of the #1 birth defect


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admin on January 9th, 2012

Zate and I are so excited and just THRILLED that our “heart baby” can play soccer. He may not be very good ;o) but that’s not the point! Here are some pics of day one. Thankfully at this age he is still able to play and do anything he wants since he will self limit, I hope he is able to play and do EVERYTHING he ever wants to.

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admin on December 31st, 2011

2011 was a good year, Trevor didn’t have any major issues and the minor ones were resolved easily! Praise God for our sweet & sassy miracle boy

Trevor has grown a lot, learned a lot and had lots of fun this past year. Here are pics of Trevor year. Enjoy!

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admin on December 30th, 2011

We had a very nice Christmas and the boys sure did have fun! Here are some pics!

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admin on December 19th, 2011

Trevor LOVES Buzz Lightyear and he and Nicholas are often “playing” Toy Story. I found these adorable pj’s that looked like Buzz & Woody were alive and running around my house! Well yesterday Trevor had his trusty Buzz pj’s on and took the Woody doll outside and was playing with him…you know throwing him into trees and rescuing him. Poor Woody even took a trip over the fence to the neighbor’s yard. Oops!

Here are some pics of the action

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admin on December 17th, 2011
Council Oak Christmas Program

Trevor is in the first row, second from the left

Trevor did a great job participating in the Christmas program, Nicholas is our “nonparticipating” son 🙂 Nick was always hiding behind someone else in his preschool programs. Heart parents understand that getting to see our children in a play, or school photo etc…is super fun and a milestone. I am so grateful Trevor gets to attend preschool and do parties and programs like the other kids <3

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